This republic federativ, « it forms from government to which tends the humanity », and where the « Right and the Freedom have prominence plan », Proudhon knows perfectly that she is still an ideal. He/she/you would not only exist « if the Right and the Freedom reigned alone », what is not for tomorrow. And the subject that criticizes to the genoveses ends of they have said of your republic (that seems him/her a sister): « the republic doesn’t exist on any side and it never existed. »
To establish the republican government in your truth, five conditions are necessary.

1st Definition of the Right economic;

2nd Balance of the forces economics, formation of the groups agricultural, industrial, organization of the services of public usefulness (credit, discount, circulation, transports, docks, etc) according to the beginning of the mutuality and of the free or cost price;

3rd Warranties politics: freedom of press and of tribune, parliamentary initiative, control publicity, the jury’s extension, meeting freedom and of association, the person’s inviolability, of the home, of the secret of the letters; separation completes of the justice and of the government;

4th administrative Decentralization, resurrection of the communal and provincial life;

5th Ceasing of the war state, demolition of the fortresses, and abolition of the permanent armies.

These filled out conditions, Proudhon passes to the limit and it describes the republican government’s perfection.
In these conditions the authority beginning tends to disappear, the state, the public thing, cattles publish it is it agrees in the base, always unshaken, of the Right and of the freedoms local, corporate and individual, of the game of the which results the national freedom. The government, to good to say, it doesn’t exist more; the society goes her own for the spontaneity of your free forces and meditated; the action of the prince of State also appears little possible: it is this impersonal, result of the freedom and of the right, that characterizes the republican government above all.
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