Il est prévu que les déclarations des témoins se clôturent les 7 et 8 mai. Jours durant lesquel seront prises les déclarations des témoins des accusé(e)s,, qui dans ce procès sont les compagnons-nes de la CCF, la compagnone Angeliky Spyropoulous, les familles des compagnons-nes et d’autres personnes accusées d’avoir collaboré à la tentative d’évasion. Les personnes accusées de collaborer présenteront leurs témoins, tandis que les compagnons-nes de la CCF et la compagnone Angeliky Spyropoulous ont refusé de présenter des témoins et liront des déclarations politiques sur le procès.

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Prisión de Korydallos: Información del juicio acelerado contra CCF [sesión 02/06]

[Por Sin Banderas Ni Fronteras]

La presidenta del tribunal A. Yfanti evidenció sus intenciones de terminar rápidamente el juicio « leyendo » en 2 horas y media miles de páginas de documentos, algo que en los procedimientos normales toma evidentemen mucho más tiempo. También examinó los últimos testigos contrarios a CCF en un tiempo récord.

Se programó para los días 7 y 8 de mayo el cierre de las declaraciones de los testigos. Esos días se tomará declaración a lxs testigxs de lxs acusadxs, que en este juicio son lxs compañerxs de CCF, la compañera Angeliky Spyropoulous, familiares de lxs compañerxs y otras personas acusadas de colaborar en el intento de escape. Las personas acusadas de colaborar presentarán sus testigos, mientras que lxs compañerxs de CCF y la compañera Angeliky Spyropoulous se han negado a presentar testigos y leerán declaraciones políticas sobre el juicio.


Greece: Update from the fast-tracked trial of CCF (02/06 session)

Today the presiding judge A. Yfanti gave new meaning to the concept of fast-tracking proceedings. Within 2.5 hours thousands of pages of evidence documents were ‘read’. In normal proceedings such documents would be read to the court word for word as they are supposedly part of the evidence for the hearing.

Following the command of the appeal court administration the Golden Dawn trial was suspended so presiding judge A. Yfanti could ‘finish’ the CCF trial, proving once again that the sentences were already ordered before the trial had even begun.

Today, 02/06 all of the witnesses were heard in record time and often with answers dictated from police headquarters. Then, despite a request for an interruption so that the CCF could acquaint themselves with the evidence, the judge continued the process unabated.

Entire stacks of documents hundreds of pages long were passed from judge to judge with the presiding judge declaring “I don’t imagine you would want to read all of these..” before answering himself with “move on.”

The trial was adjourned and is expected to continue on Tuesday and Wednesday with completion of the defense process and the examination of witnesses for the defence. The CCF comrades and comrade Angeliki Spyropoulou will not call witnesses for their defence and will read political statements to the court.

It is worth noting that in all the proceedings so far that some of the names of the 28 people indicted have not been mentioned even once, nor has their relationship with the CCF been established, while the witnesses against Evi Statiri, Athena Tsakalou and Chris Polydoros who are all counter-terrorism cops do not know anything about the charge that is attributed to them. Yet all of the accused face the charge of membership and participation in the CCF with aggravating provisions – so instead of facing a penalty of 5-10 years, they face sentences of 10-20 years!

(via Mpalothia, translated by Insurrection News and Sin Banderas Ni Fronteras)